All of our Gen-Y Hitch products are backed by a manufacturer Lifetime or Limited Warranty under the following Terms & Conditions.

  • Gen-Y Hitches shall always be used ONLY for its intended purposes.
  • Trailer etc. shall always be attached properly to the Gen-Y Hitch,  for example a 2” Ball coupler on trailer, 2” Ball on Gen-Y Hitch.
  • Always have Pin/Bolts and trailer couplings properly secured on the Gen-Y Hitch, before attempting to tow (Pin on Gen-Y Hitch shall always be aligned with receiver trailer attached to.)
  • Gen-Y Hitch shall always be inserted in the correct size receiver on any Towing vehicle hitch, for example a 2” receiver on Gen-Y = 2” receiver on towing vehicle hitch.
  • Gen-Y Hitch shall always be secured and properly attached (with correct size bolt and/or pin) to vehicle hitch being used to tow.
  • Trailer + cargo shall never exceed towing and/or tongue maximum weight limits. (As stated by manufacturer on all vehicle hitches and/or Gen-Y Hitch). Overloading your hitch will void your manufacturers warranty. 

Gen-Y Hitch “shall not” be held responsible for any or all “compatible parts or products” being used or being utilized for towing with or around Gen-Y Hitch. Gen-Y Hitch shall never be altered in any circumstances or for any reason and “will void” any warranties.

Gen-Y Hitch reserves the unrestricted right at any time and from time to time to make changes in the design of and/or improvements upon its products without thereby imposing any obligation upon itself to make corresponding changes or improvements in or upon its products already manufactured. Gen-Y Hitch further reserves the right to substitute parts or components of substantially equal quality in any warranty service required by operation of this Lifetime Warranty.

What is covered by this Lifetime Warranty?

This Limited Warranty covers defects in the material or workmanship of your Hitch. All obligations of Gen-Y Hitch pursuant to this Limited Warranty are limited to the repair or replacement of the Hitch by Gen-Y Hitch. The decision as to whether any applicable remedy shall be by replacement or by repair of the Hitch shall be at Gen-Y Hitch’s sole determination. All coverage provided by this Limited Warranty terminates in the event of your sale or transfer of the Hitch.

What is NOT covered by this Limited Warranty

This Limited Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • The finish on the Hitch
  • Replacement of the Hitch by any person or entity other than Gen-Y Hitch
  • Any consequential or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, commercial loss, loss of time, loss or damage to personal property, lodging, meals or other related travel costs, or any other incidental or consequential damages, arising out the use of, the Hitch the inability to use the Hitch, or for any reasonable delay in performance under this Limited Warranty
  • Service or labour changes for:
    – Removing the Hitch
    – Returning the Hitch to Gen-Y Hitch, or
    – Replacing the Hitch by anyone other than Gen-Y Hitch
  • Damage caused by:
    – Abuse, neglect, misuse or by accident
    – Misapplication, overloading or improper installation
    – Improper maintenance and repair, negligence or Acts of God
  • Alteration of the Hitch in any way other than by Gen-Y Hitch
  • Failure to utilise the Hitch in compliance with its User Manual

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty claim if the Hitch is used with any other product or brand not manufactured by GenY Hitch. 

GenY Hitch products shall never be altered in any circumstance for any reason and will void any warranties if done. 

Your obligations

To initiate a Warranty Claim, you are required to:

  • Contact us at the earliest sign of defect
  • Complete our Warranty/Return Form on this website in its entirety

Please be advised that if you received an email for approval for a warranty, this approval is conditional until GenY Hitch Aust receives the hitch back for a final inspection. We reserve the right to cancel any approval should the hitch be deemed to be operating within allowable tolerances. 

If you feel like you have a warranty claim based on the above terms, the next step is you fill out our warranty/replacement form here.