GEN-Y’s Boss Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 4,500kg towing capacity and go up to 7,000kg towing capacity. The Torsion-Flex Drop Hitch is the best hitch for ultimate control and safety while towing any bumper style trailer on the market including pintle style couplings.

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GEN-Y’s Mega-Duty Adjustable Drop Hitches start at 4,500kg towing capacity and go up to 7,000kg towing capacity. There are multiple drop options as well depending on your trailer towing needs.

Each of these adjustable drop hitches comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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The Glyder (Torsion-Flex) Ball Mount is a lightweight product that offers several benefits to its users.

What really sets this product apart is its use of GEN Y’s patented TORSION-FLEX technology. This technology allows the truck and trailer to glide down the road eliminating the jarring and shock transfer of a standard 2” ball mount. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what class hitch I need for my vehicle?

Hitch classification depends on what is being towed and what tow vehicle is being used.

Ideally, a trailer should ride behind the tow vehicle as level as possible while towing. First of all, measure the distance from the ground to the bottom of the trailer coupler and from the ground to the inside top of your hitch opening, making sure that both truck and trailer are sitting level when measuring. The difference between the two measurements is the approximate drop or rise that you will need.

Where can I buy a Gen-Y Hitch?

While we can sell directly on our Australian website, we'd love you to support our delaer network. Search for your local dealer here.

Our dealer network can also service your hitch if you are travelling and need support.

Do you have a tongue for a DO35, DO45, EzyHitch and McHitch?

Yes we do! Our Australian Tongue (GH-057) specially made for our Australian market has been rated and tested to 4,500kg as per Australian standards.

Do you only sell Torsion hitches?

No, we sell a wide variety of Gen-y Hitch torsion and drop hitches as well as tongues and rated hitch locks and shackles.

Does the Gen-y Hitch come in different sizes and lengths?

Yes they do. Gen-y Hitch products are available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes and are suitable for a huge variety of vehicles.

Do you have a dealer in New Zealand?

Yes we do! We have Trailer and Caravan Parts Online in Christchurch. You can contact them on 09 870 2842 or visit their website

Can I use Gen-Y hitches in a rise and a drop position?

Yes! Our hitches (Boss and Mega-Duty) are adjustable and able to be used in the rise and drop position!